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Do you know what's in your attic?

Lint is NEVER OK!

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Dryer vents that do not vent to the exterior of the home can be dangerous. There are very few exceptions (lint traps), and even those are a matter of opinion and can cause moisture damage to the home if your house is not equipped (built) to handle the excess moisture.

So, inquiring minds want to know why? There are Three main factors why dryers should never vent inside the home.

1. Lint is very flammable.

Lint is a fire hazard and needs to be cleaned and cleared regularly. Many home fires are caused by clogged dryer vents. Venting into an attic space or crawlspace where any flue for a combustion creating appliance (water heater/ furnace/ fire place) is present, is very dangerous. The flues can get hot and may ignite the lint causing a home fire. Many people also collect lint from their dryers to use as a tinder and help with a flint started fire. Please be aware that inhaling fumes from burning man made materials can be toxic.

2. Lint is toxic

Breathing lint for a long period of time can cause chronic respiratory illness to include bronchitis. Some of the research about exposure times and types of conditions; Respiratory, Cancer, Central Nervous System all tend to vary. Click on the Button at the end of the article for more information about the dangers of inhalation of lint.

3. Moisture.

Typically a dryer can emit 2-3 gallons of water during a normal drying cycle. This is a lot of water to be dumping in your attic or crawlspace. With this much moisture we tend to also see mold. Mold only needs three things to grow; Moisture, Food (wood-usually), and amiable temperature (usually 18C-32C. With high moisture and mold, people also tend to have respiratory illnesses to include increased asthma and bronchitis. Click on the Button below to find out more about Moisture and Mold.

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