• What is Mold?

    Mold spores are everywhere. Is the mold


    in your house elevated or dangerous?


    I am qualified to help you answer these questions.


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  • Health Effects of Mold

    Mold Testing Starting at $220.00

    Black Mold in a home

    Could your symptoms be mold related?

    • Allergic reaction = by far the most common, inhalation of spores or touching

    • Asthma = mold spores can trigger or make asthma worse

    • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis = develop after acute or chronic exposure

    • Opportunistic infections = invasion into an immunocompromised host

    • Mycotoxic = fungal poisons, only anecdotal evidence for humans

    • Glucans = Organic Dust Toxic Syndrome (ODTS) flu-like symptoms

    Mold Spores IAC2 Certified

    FAQ's your Specialist can answer

    • What kind of mold do I have and is it toxic?

    • How did the mold get in my house?

    • How can I tell if there is mold in my house?

    • How can I stop mold from growing in my house?

    • How is mold tested for and measured?

    • How can we clean up the mold?

    • How can we prevent it from returning?

    • What are the risks?

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